Iron Zone


“My fave gym. Got weights, hoop, and great powerlifting room.”  King F.

“Nice place. Slightly small, but old school steel equipment is great. Location is another good aspect, in the heart of historic downtown Marysville! Best local place if bodybuilding!” – JR G.

Heavy lifters maximize their workouts with our large selection of dumbbells/barbells, benches, 8-station Crossover Cable, Smith Assisted Squat Machines, Power Racks, and Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment. We have plenty of lifting platforms and squat racks so you won’t have to wait.

Yuba-Sutter Iron Zone welcomes Olympic lifters. Our dedicated space includes several platforms and a multitude of weights available. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s room for you.

If you’re training for your sport  – or you want to look like you are – the Iron Zone is the place to be.

Is Heavy Lifting Just for Body Builders?

Heavy lifters engage in a whole different level of workout than most others seeking better fitness. However, anyone can benefit from the heavy lifting area known as the Iron Zone. The best way to tone or lose body fat and to burn calories isn’t through high repetition, low weight, short rest gym workouts, but by lifting heavy weights and taking longer rests.

Heavy lifting, lifting a weight heavy enough to perform only 2 to 10 repetitions, increases muscle mass which increases metabolism. Increasing metabolism burns fat and calories faster. Fewer heavy weight repetitions with longer rest time between repetitions (resting about 90 seconds or more), allows you to build your power muscles without damaging them.

Higher rep, short rest circuit training sessions teach your body to work efficiently, burning extra muscle weight. These workouts don’t send a strong enough message to engage the powerful muscles. Instead, you’re using a small portion of your muscle mass and your body is burning the rest of the muscle for energy.

Heavy lifting alone doesn’t mean you’ll look like the Hulk. Bodybuilders who engage in heavy lifting also adhere to strict diets that aid in building muscle mass.

If you’re interested in adding heavy lifting to your routine, ask our trainers to help you move into the Iron Zone.

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