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“I was looking for a gym that would help me push myself and see what I was capable of. NorCal has a friendly and motivating atmosphere and a nice variety of classes throughout the day. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the workouts are well designed. One of my favorite classes has been the Spartan training. These workouts add emphasis on critical skills like grip strength and heavy carries. They also give you an opportunity to learn and practice techniques on a lot of the obstacles you will encounter in a race.” –
Jason C.


Whether you’re training for a strength event, an extreme sport, or you want to kick your strength and conditioning training up a notch, you need to enter the NORCAL Zone, a zone of its own.


Beginning Strength & Conditioning

Beginning Strength & Conditioning is our program for individuals that are new to our fitness program. This 75-minute-long class incorporates strength and skill progressions appropriate to beginners, followed by conditioning workouts of varying lengths of moderate to high intensity, rounded out with recovery work and stretching at the end.Our beginning strength progressions start without loading and eventually progress to increase loading and technical difficulty once your capacity to perform a given number of quality repetitions at a set weight has been met.

Longevity & Balance

Our NorCal Longevity and Balance is a total body strength and stability-based program designed specifically for the independent active senior. This class will focus on helping our members improve overall flexibility and strength while increasing their balance and stability. The movements taught in class focus on specific exercises to improve strength and power around the ankle, knee, and hip joints, while improving reaction time. This class is designed for fall prevention and is suitable for nearly every fitness level. It can be adapted depending on the skill of the individual participants. Our focus is an increase in overall health and quality of life. Perfect for most fitness levels ages 65 to 90+.

All Levels Strength & Conditioning

All Levels Strength & Conditioning is 75-minute-long class which incorporates strength and skill progressions followed by conditioning workouts of varying lengths of moderate to high intensity, rounded out with recovery work and stretching at the end. This class scales up or down depending on your fitness level. Intermediate level fitness standards indicate a strength capacity that is appropriate for loading beyond bodyweight and a movement capacity that is mostly free of limitations (e.g. you can squat past parallel; arms comfortably reach directly overhead with straight elbows). Those with higher technical competency will incorporate traditional barbell and dumbbell lifts, Olympic weightlifting, and bodyweight gymnastic strength training into your strength cycles. Intermediate progressions continue to increase loading and technical difficulty while introducing more complex movements such as cleans, plyometrics, and inversions.

OCR Training

This class is dedicated to getting athletes prepared for Spartan and other Obstacle Course Racing. It is appropriate for beginning racers, but athletes should be able to handle the workload of the Intermediate Strength and Conditioning level classes. This class specifically works on the necessary skills that are needed to complete obstacle course races that include: wall climbs, rope climbs, tire drags, tire flips, weighted carries, monkey bars, bear/army crawls, and more. This class has longer conditioning workouts with various amounts of running to help simulate a race environment; the class will be rounded out with recovery work and stretching at the end.

NorCal Class Schedule (Both Locations)

august, 2020

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