Ball Zone

Available only at Yuba-Sutter

It’s all fun and games in the Ball Zone!

Training and work out programs never have to be boring. A good game of basketball is great for your heart and circulation. Grab some friends and head to our Yuba-Sutter Training Zone location for a game or join a pick-up after your workout.

Friday Family Night from 5-7:30. Bond with your kids and make new friends.

Benefits of Basketball

Although basketball isn’t necessarily the best choice for weight loss, there’s no denying its health benefits. It’s a fun way to get in the recommended 2 ½ hours of moderate aerobic activity an average person needs in a day to stay healthy.

  • Burn calories The key to weight loss is calorie deficit, burning more calories than you take in. A long game of high energy basketball can help you toward achieving a calorie deficit. If you aim for 300 minutes a week of intense basketball, you’ll get the same benefits that you’d get with a cardio workout. Full court basketball is best. A 200 lb. man can burn nearly 1,000 calories during a full-court game. Training Zone offers full-court basketball 24/7.
  • Build strong bones Playing basketball is good for your bones. Weight-bearing physical activity develops new bone tissue which makes your bones stronger. Bones and muscles both grow stronger when muscles push against bone during physical activity.
  • Engage your brain Basketball is good for your concentration and eye-hand coordination, benefiting your brain. Concentrating on the rules of the game while trying to score or defend your goal, always aware of the other players, keeps your brain engaged and alert.
  • Emotional health Feel better, emotionally after a good game of basketball. Regular play develops good self-discipline as you learn the game and improve your skills. Working hard with teammates, whether you win or lose the game, builds camaraderie. Having a group of pals working towards a goal together builds accountability and sense that you belong to something bigger than yourself.

Join a pick-up game or call to schedule time in the Ball Zone. Kids are welcome

“Very friendly my son is the frequent visitor and he is in high school. Isayah loves basketball and I feel good about leaving him there because staff is awesome and our local law enforcement is down the street and also are frequent visitors.” – Ginger S.