Climbing Zone

Available only at Yuba-Sutter

Climb your way to fitness

Our Yuba-Sutter Training Zone location invites you to try our Climbing Zone. Adults and kids can scale the wall for a fun way to get fit. Afraid of heights? This is a great way to overcome your fear and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Climbing Tips

Reaching the top of the Climbing Zone rock wall doesn’t have to be your goal, especially if you’re a novice climber. Enjoy each step as you progress and celebrate every time you overcome a challenge. Soon enough, you’ll reach the top.

Your legs are generally stronger than your arms. Rather than try to pull yourself up, find places to get a good toe hold and push up using your lower body strength.

Watch more experienced climbers. Take note of the path they pick and watch their technique. Our trainers will teach how to choose your grips and your path and encourage you as you start your climb.

Benefits of Rock Climbing

When watching others at the rock wall, you wouldn’t think it’s a good form of exercise, but you’d be wrong. Rock climbing provides an excellent cardio and strength building workout all at once.

  • Strength Building You need strength to pull up on the rope with your arms and you need strength to push yourself up with your legs. You have to engage core body muscles to keep balanced while you climb.
  • Increase Muscle Tone Rock Climbing works out a good variety of muscles in your body. You’ll see tone in your abs, obliques, biceps, traps, delts, quads, lats, and calves. Your forearms get a workout as you strengthen your grip. Every major muscle group gets a workout during your rock climbing sessions. As you increase muscle tone and strength, you’ll decrease body fat and lower your BMI, or body mass index.
  • Improve Flexibility You’ll find that rock climbing improves your flexibility because it raises your range of motion. You have to stretch to reach the holds.
  • Engage Your Brain Rock Climbing is much like working a puzzle. When you navigate routes your brain works to solve problems, piece together your next move, and judge the proper reach. It tests your mental endurance. Rock climbing requires good hand-eye coordination, something that engages the brain.
  • Prevent Heart Disease Ward off chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. The cardiovascular workout you get from rock climbing strengthens your heart muscle and helps avoid these diseases.
  • Burn Calories Rock climbers can often burn between 300-500 calories in a 30 minute session. Engaging major muscle groups for an extended period of time builds muscle which burns calories.

Try our rock climbing wall for fitness or for fun. Children over 40 pounds are welcome.

“Love this place! Clean and great classes! Also the rock wall is an extra bonus! Staff is awesome. Very helpful and knowledgeable.” – Tiffany G.