Fitness Zone

Fitness isn’t an activity. It’s a lifestyle.

Training Zone exists to help you incorporate training and good nutrition into your daily routine for optimal fitness.

You don’t have to be a heavy lifter to be fit. We offer a variety of fitness machines to strengthen your heart and lungs while building muscle.

  • Cardio Get your heart racing on one of our treadmills, lifecycles, row machines, stair climbers, steppers, spin bikes, or elipitical cross trainers. We have plenty so you’re not waiting around wasting precious time. Take advantage of our trainers and classes to help you make the most of the time you dedicate to fitness training.
  • Circuit Training Add circuit training for body conditioning. Circuit training uses resistance to build muscle mass and endurance. It involves a routine of exercises done in repetition with very short breaks between repetitions. Our complete group of circuit training machines in a dedicated area are perfect for short work out sessions. If you’re really short on time, claim your spot at our 360 Circuit Training machine. Get a full body workout without wandering around the gym.

Why do I need to add Cardio to my work-out routine?

Regular cardiovascular exercise decreases your blood pressure which decreases your resting heart rate. Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to keep you alive. Thirty minutes of cardio five or more days a week affects your whole body.

  • Brain Increases blood flow to the brain, decreasing the risk of stroke, improves memory and ability to think clearly and helps protect against developing age related decline in brain function
  • Skin Increases circulation which improves skin tone
  • Blood Helps keep blood sugar in check, decreasing risk of Type 2 Diabetes by improving good cholesterol levels and lowers fat in the blood
  • Muscles Increases oxygen to the muscles, allowing them to work harder and improve mass and activities seem easier as muscles adapt to an increased work load
  • Lungs Helps reduce fatigue and shortness of breath and demands on lungs decrease as exercise increases
  • Weight Burns more calories which leads to less weight gain
  • Bones & Joints Increases oxygen and blood flow lead to stronger healthier bones and reduces chances of fractures and Osteoporosis and helps manage arthritis pain and maintains joint range of motion longer

A regular cardio workout reduces anxiety and stress and boosts your mood by releasing endorphins, the happy hormone. You’ll find you have more energy during the day and better sleep at night.

What’s so great about circuit training?

Circuit training, one of the most effective training styles for total fitness, involves cardio and strength training exercises. If you have little time for fitness in your day, focus on circuit training. Even if you spend just a small amount of time daily, you still get great benefits.

With a good circuit training routine, you won’t waste time wandering around the gym trying to decide what muscle group to engage. Circuit training engages all muscle groups and a solid routine leaves little time to wander.

The high intensity interval training (HIIT) of circuit training burns more calories in a shorter amount of time than longer, less intense workouts. The afterburn effect can continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.

Circuit training involves an assortment of moves using several pieces of gym equipment. Our use a circuit training machine and work your whole body – head to toe – in one small space. Mix up different routines to bust boredom.

Because of the high intensity of circuit training, it’s recommended you limit it to two to three times a week with a 48 hour recovery period in between. Recovery is a critical part of your workout for building muscle mass.