Strike Zone

Available only at Yuba-Sutter

Boxing is good for your physique and psyche

The Yuba-Sutter Training Zone location offers space in our Strike Zone to practice throwing your punches. Relieve stress and let go of your anger with a long session of hits and strikes. Bring a friend and punch it out together. Get a cardio workout at our Box Aerobics class.

Physical Benefits of Boxing

Boxing gives you an intense two-for-one cardio and strengthening workout. Not only do you get a full body, muscle sculpting workout, but you’ll see improvement in your balance, coordination, reactivity and agility. The cardiovascular workout helps to burn calories faster. You can potentially burn up to 13 calories a minute, making boxing comparable to the cardio workout you get from running or cycling. Thirty minutes with a punching bag burns about 200 calories.

Psychological Benefits of Boxing

When you make boxing a part of your fitness routine, you’ll discover the psychological benefits. Punching out anger and stress can bring closure in your mind. You’ll feel more peaceful after a good boxing workout. The rush of endorphins your body sends out as a result of “fight or flight” while boxing make you feel happy. Boxing builds confidence and discipline as you learn to focus on nothing but the bag.

People of all ages at any fitness level are welcome in the Strike Zone.

What to Bring to the Strike Zone

Although our trainers will show you everything you need to know about boxing, you want be prepared. Consider bringing the following:

  • Headband/hair ties Proper boxing technique involves keeping your chin down. Keep your hair tied back so it doesn’t fall in your face.
  • Cross-Trainers A good cross-training shoe with a little bit of sticky sole gives you good traction as you move.
  • Leggings Boxing class includes core work on the mats. And kicking while boxing can be awkward in shorts. Leggings keep you covered while giving you room to move.
  • Hand Sanitizer Your hands will be sweaty and dirty when you remove your gloves. A hand sanitizer with a nice aroma gives you a quick clean until you can shower.
  • Face wipes or towel No doubt about it, you will sweat! Bring face wipes or a towel to clean your face after you’re done.
  • Hand Wraps Even though hand wraps are available to use at Training Zone, everyone sweats inside boxing gloves. You might consider purchasing your own. Your trainer will teach you how to wrap your hands.
  • Boxing gloves We have gloves available for you to use, but if you plan to make boxing a permanent part of your fitness routine, you might want to buy your own. They’ll most likely fit better.